Working Man: On Hiatus (again).

So forty years ago today (March 1), Rush released their hard rockin’ debut album. Although not received very well at that time, it however marked the start of their over forty years of career in the music industry.

Okay, so what’s that have to do with your hiatus?

Actually, I didn’t know today’s the release date of their debut album and I think this is the right time to post this because I’m a big Rush fan. Right now, I think they’re kinda having a year-off from touring. And I’m gonna do that also but only for four or five months. Well, not from touring of course, but from blogging here. I still haven’t recovered my files so I’m gonna have a fresh start when I come back. 

Why are you going on a hiatus again?

Well, aside from the fact that I don’t have my files anymore it is because I’m leaving the country next week. Yes, I have to start living my life and face the real world. Ugh. I hate this. I’m going to Abu Dhabi in UAE. Yeah, I know it’s hot there and humid and all but I have to take it. This is life. Pfff.

So I have to say goodbye now. To my new followers, I’m very sorry for not following back. But I do promise to check you guys when I come back. :)

Again, HAPPY 40th RUSH (album)!!


Hey, is there anyone here living in Abu Dhabi? Please message me if you do ‘cos I wanna meet new friends. :)


I’ll still post some audio in floydyessive-rush till tomorrow so watch out for that. :)

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